Recent attention on social and emotional skills redefines high-quality for pre-k programs

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Obama’s administration has recently proposed expansion of federal funding to increase the quality of Pre-K education. The latest Race to the Top district competition winners emphasized the importance of behavioral skills to achievement in a high-quality early learning program by citing how they would address students’ social, emotional or behavioral development. Hatch, Inc. launches WePlaySmart® 2.0 as an answer to the growing need to monitor social-emotional and behavioral development of the youngest learners in the classroom.

Preschool Kids Learning Table Technology

The new multi-touch learning table arrives pre-loaded with over 275 cognitive, research-based activities developed exclusively for use in preschool classrooms. Every time children log in to play, the table records and saves authentic conversations so that teachers may listen and monitor the development of each child’s social-emotional skills.

“A number of research findings continue to demonstrate the importance of social-emotional development in early childhood as a pathway to succeeding in school and later in life,” said Susan Gunnewig, Hatch Product Development Director.

“WePlaySmart captures authentic conversations while children play games so that teachers can use the recorded interactions and progress-monitoring reports to identify early on how a child is developing skills such as collaboration, cooperation, turn-taking and sharing.”

“Hatch has developed a solid tool for the classroom that consistently supports skill development throughout the school year in an engaging, appropriate and interactive interface,” said Ginny Norton, Hatch President. “The activities in WePlaySmart are systematic, thoughtful and comprehensively designed to last an entire school year.

Audio instructions guide children so that they may access WePlaySmart games independent of teacher help. As a result, the recorded conversations reflect unobserved child behavior. Authentic data and a personalized photo login make WePlaySmart 2.0 an effective progress monitoring tool.

WePlaySmart 2.0 presents durable hardware design and innovative software tailored for the specific needs of early learning classrooms.

The shatterproof screen can endure the weight of heavy objects.

The screen includes a watertight barrier to guard interior computer hardware against the rigor of classroom usage.

Research-based software elegantly captures authentic child data to drive results and inform instruction in the classroom.

  • 32 touch points allow multiple children to play at one time.
  • A 42” screen displays vivid, high-resolution images.
  • The preschool-friendly height of 23 ½ inches meets federal standards.
  • The table is wheelchair accessible.
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