Report: Education Spending Not Reflected in Test Scores

Friday, September 30, 2011

The lingering institutional wisdom when it comes to education is that increased spending will bring about improved results--even as history continues to reveal otherwise.

For example, recent reports indicate that though education spending has increased 64 percent since the inception of the federal No Child Left Behind program, there has been little improvement in America?s test scores. Meanwhile, American schools continue to make little progress against other industrialized nations.

No Child Left Behind mandates that public schools meet adequate yearly progress (AYP) levels by 2014, though many states are far from this standard. At the time it was proposed, NCLB purported it would do the following:

Set higher standards by establishing measurable goals to improve individual outcomes
Require states to develop assessments in basic skills in order to receive federal funding
Not set a national standard, instead allowing individual states to construct their own

The program received incredible bipartisan support.

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