Report finds Massachusetts education system needs major overhaul

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Massachusetts business leaders today released a comprehensive assessment of the Commonwealth’s education system, sounding the alarm that student achievement has levelled off and the state risks falling behind global competitors who are outpacing the Commonwealth in educating a highly skilled workforce and informed, engaged citizens.

The report, “The New Opportunity to Lead: A Vision for Education in Massachusetts in the Next 20 Years,” concludes that districts, schools and instruction must be transformed if students are to compete successfully in the global economy and if Massachusetts is to remain a hub of innovation.

Brightlines, a partnership of international education experts led by Sir Michael Barber acting in a personal capacity, studied the performance of Massachusetts schools and today recommended significant steps to make progress against other high-performing systems around the world. The report, released today at a forum of educators, policy makers and business executives at Microsoft’s Innovation & Policy Center in Cambridge, takes aim at Massachusetts’ persistent education achievement gaps and growing workforce skills gaps, two dangerous trends business leaders say will threaten the long-term economic well-being of the Commonwealth.

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