Report Finds State Needs to do More for Early Childhood Programs

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Days after Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy announced early childhood education will be part of his 2012 education reforms, a state nonprofit said more children in low-income families need access to education and was criticial of the state's patchwork of programs.

New Haven-based Connecticut Voices for Children issued its progress report on early care and education Thursday.

"High quality care and education can help our state's children be more academically and socially ready for kindergarten," Sarah Esty, a report co-author, said in a statement. "The early education we provide now will have long-term consequences for our children's school performance and the health of our economy."

The report was released at a time of two significant developments. Last Friday Malloy, having criticized the prior Republican administration for failing to secure federal education grants, had to announce his application for Race to the Top preschool dollars was denied.

Then on Tuesday the governor in a letter to nearly four dozen education officials and other policy makers said his administration will present significant education reforms to the legislature in the upcoming 2012 session. He outlined a handful of guiding principals, including enhancing families' access to high-quality early childhood education opportunities.

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