Report: Maine Students Ahead of Nation in College Readiness

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Maine’s high school graduates are less likely to need remedial courses in college than their counterparts across the nation, according to the first reports from Maine’s colleges detailing how many incoming freshmen need to take remedial math or reading courses.

At the University of Maine System, 12 percent of freshmen needed remedial work, compared to a New England average of 24 to 39 percent, depending on the type of four-year college polled by the federal Department of Education.

Maine’s Community College System reported that 50 percent of freshmen needed remedial courses, compared to an estimated 60 percent average nationwide.

“This proves our public schools are succeeding and we should continue to invest in a system we know produces positive results,” said Lois Kilby-Chesley, president of the Maine Education Association, which represents teachers. “This report proves (educators’) hard work pays off and Maine students are receiving a great public school education.”

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