Retired Teacher Unveils 'Apps With Curriculum' Site in Effort to Align Educational Apps With Common-Core Lesson Plans

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A retired teacher has created Apps With Curriculum, an educational technology service to develop Common Core-aligned lesson plans for book app developers. Cyndie Sebourn, a retired Arkansas educator, founded Apps With Curriculum to make educational apps better suited for classroom use. All curriculum is downloadable and free to access.

"Teachers are looking for quality educational apps that can provide more than an hour of entertainment to their students," said Sebourn, a National Board Certified Teacher who was in the classroom for more than 20 years. "By pairing curriculum with apps, I provide teachers with another tool to integrate technology into education and to help kids be 21st Century Learners. Now through Apps With Curriculum, educators can easily find quality apps that can be quickly assimilated into classroom education."

The site features book apps with curriculum that includes "Smarty Activities," deeper-level Reading Strategies, and Project-Based Learning.

"Often book app developers provide only fun facts or simple recall questions," Sebourn said. "Apps With Curriculum engages students with multiple reading strategies that prompt them to think critically, incorporate technology, reach the upper levels of Bloom's Taxonomy, and align to Common Core State Standards."

Apps With Curriculum's Book App Library features popular and award-winning apps such as "Brush of Truth," the "Treasure Kai" series, the "Human Body Detectives" series, Middle School Confidential Books 1 and 2, and multiple apps from PicPocket Books. Recently added to the collection is "A Troop is a Group of Monkeys" by Julie Hedlund, which teaches collective nouns.

"Brush of Truth has already been recognized nationally for appealing to reluctant readers," said Julie Landry Laviolette, founder of Story Bayou, the book app's developer. "Combining the app with Common Core-aligned curriculum and group activities allows teachers to use the app in class to foster critical thinking and communication."

Sebourn, a speaker at educational conferences and an educational consultant, has conducted case studies about using apps paired with curriculum to integrate technology in education. She is looking for an area educator to participate in a study using the book app Brush of Truth.

After National Board Certified Teacher Cyndie Sebourn retired from the classroom, she founded Sascyn Publishing, Inc. to create educational apps. Her first book app, "Smarty Britches: Nouns," was released on the iPad, Google Play, Kindle Fire, and NOOK in June 2012. "Smarty Britches: Verbs" will be released in 2013. "Smarty Britches: Nouns" features a boy who owns a magical pair of britches that teach him the nouns in his life; it is set in Arkansas. "Smarty Britches: Verbs" is also set in Arkansas but, in addition, educates students about the southern states of Louisiana and Texas. She developed curriculum for her own app, then started offering the educational service to other book app developers. Apps With Curriculum offers free, downloadable Common Core-aligned curriculum.

Interested teachers and book app developers can view the free curriculum at