Revolutionary new keyboard implemented at Spalding Catholic

Lauren Williams's picture
Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Today SnapKeys and The Spalding Catholic School district announce their successful pilot program with the SnapKeys Si Evolution alphabetic keyboard.

SnapKeys, the creators of the revolutionary invisible keyboard that changes the way we input data, conducted a pilot program with 4(th) , 5(th) and 6(th) graders at Spalding Catholic School in Alton, Iowa.

The pilot program was conducted over a period of four days. In those four days the students picked up on the technology immediately and said that it is a fun and cool way to learn and express themselves.

"Teachers commented that they see the SnapKeys virtual keyboard as a step forward in keyboarding and a means to communicate in a fun and new way," said Ryan Ghassabian, the business developer of SnapKeys.

The results of the pilot were significant. Students were able to input text on tablets quickly and efficiently after only a short introduction. They naturally adapted to the Si Evolution keyboard.

"In just a half hour each day, the students were able to type sentences using the four-key SnapKeys method that incorporates predictive technology," said Mrs. Kris Full, Spalding Catholic Elementary technology coordinator. "We believe that, as students continue to use developing tablet and smartphone technology, this method will be of tremendous value. The SnapKeys method is designed for the touch surfaces of these devices, whereas the QWERTY keyboard was developed for a physical keyboard," Full explained.

As a result the school is planning to implement Snapkeys Si Evolution into their curriculum next year.