Richmond, Va. School Board Steps Back to Take in Long Planning View

Monday, April 22, 2013

After nearly four months of nonstop action, the Richmond School Board paused Saturday to try to figure out what it wants to accomplish during its four-year term.

During a five-hour retreat at Broad Rock Elementary School, the board set aside its daily duties and let two facilitators lead in-depth discussions on beliefs, goals and strategies.

“I’m so glad we’re right here,” Vice Chairman Donald L. Coleman of the 7th District said early in the session. “This board inherited a strategic plan. At some point, this board has to have something that says, ‘This is where we’re heading.’ “

The board has seven newcomers among its nine members, and it has been clamoring for big change since it was seated in January. It received a pretty clear signal its call had been heard early in the week when Superintendent Yvonne W. Brandon announced her resignation, but there was barely a mention of that during the retreat.

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