Rick Perry’s Education Numbers Don’t Always Add Up

Judy Hartnett's picture
Thursday, February 23, 2012

The governor contends the state is spending about $10,000 per student, which he believes is enough for public education.

“His figures are about as bad as his educational policies,” says Clay Robison, spokesman for the Texas State Teachers Association.

Robison cited new rankings and estimates from the National Education Association, which reports that Texas is spending $8,908 per student this school year, based on average daily attendance (ADA).

“That is $538 less than the $9,446 per student Texas was spending in 2010-11, when we ranked 41st in the country,” Robison says. “The national average of per student expenditure (ADA) for 2010-11 was $11,305. The national average for 2011-12 is $11,463.”

Public education in Texas stands to take another $2 billion spending cut in the fall.

That next round of public school cuts can be avoided if Perry calls a special legislative session, which the governor keeps saying he won’t do.

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