Rochester (N.Y.) Central School District to Deploy School Improvement Teams

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The city school district is resurrecting an old idea to help solve its most challenging and persistent problem: student performance.

More than 40 of the city's schools are on the State Education Department's list of public schools in need of academic improvement.

The school board and superintendent have drafted a policy to create of zone improvement teams. The teams would be charged with reviewing academic programs and student performance in every school, and making recommendations for improvement.

There will be one team for each of the district's three zones - northeast, northwest, and south. And the five- to seven-member teams will have a combination of teachers, parents, students, school administrators, and community members, says Interim Superintendent Bolgen Vargas.

The teams can recommend broad strategic changes, such as expanding a successful program in one school to other schools within a zone, to closing a low-performing school and creating a new school. The policy, which must be approved by the school board, calls for creating the teams next year, beginning with the northeast zone.

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