Rochester (N.Y.) City School District Campaign Hopes to Help Dads Make a Difference

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The reasons men sometimes shy away from getting involved with their children’s schools are many and varied.

Some men work during times when schools typically hold events and meetings. Many had negative experiences in school themselves and are reluctant to return to a classroom setting.

In all too many cases, many city students’ fathers are not around at all, some of them in jail, others killed in street violence. Some children never knew their fathers.

Now, a group of city fathers and school leaders are saying it is time for dads to step up and claim a greater role in the schools, regardless of their circumstances or challenges.

The City School District is launching a campaign aimed at finding ways to make it easier, and more comfortable, for dads to get involved. The campaign kicks off Tuesday night with a brainstorming session that will bring fathers together to share ideas and plan future activities.

“You see a lot of mothers, but you don’t see a lot of fathers,” said Ernest Flagler, one of the dads leading the charge. “We’re trying to change that culture. We’re going to try to get as many fathers as we can to have that conversation.”

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