Rochester (N.Y.) City schools adjust to longer school day

Lauren Williams's picture
Monday, September 30, 2013

For hundreds of city students, the new school day is longer than most adults' typical work shift.

Thanks to an effort to expand the school day, students at a number of schools have seen their daily schedules stretch to eight hours, with extra time built in for academics along with enrichment activities such as kickboxing and dancing.

The longer day is the latest tactic that city school leaders hope will boost student achievement in a district that consistently falls at the bottom of the state in terms of performance. It's a significant shift for both staff and families — not to mention students — who have spent the first few weeks of the year ironing out logistics and adjusting to longer hours.

"How the students are handling this is important to us," said School 46 Principal T'Hani Pantoja. "That's the challenge, just keeping up the stamina."

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