Rochester (N.Y.) Schools Could Get $56 Million From Obama's Jobs Plan

Monday, September 12, 2011

The City School District could get an extra $56 million in federal funds to modernize its schools as part of the economic development plan presented by President Barack Obama on Thursday.

The plan, which needs to be approved by Congress, sets aside $25 billion in federal funding for school construction projects. About 40 percent of that money would go directly to the country's 100 largest high-poverty districts, which include Rochester. The rest would go to states to distribute as they deem necessary.

"We would welcome the passage of this bill as it would provide a jolt to the struggling economy while at the same time providing our students with schools built for 21st-century learning," said Rochester school board President Malik Evans.

The school construction money is part of the $450 billion American Jobs bill the president presented this week in an effort to create jobs and address high unemployment across the country.

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