Say Yes Education Group Moves Into Buffalo

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The "Say Yes to Education" foundation is setting up a Buffalo branch to help prepare underprivileged students for college, its second in upstate New York.

And The Wallace Foundation, another nonprofit, says Tuesday it's donating $4.2 million to Say Yes programs in Buffalo and Syracuse.

Nearly 1,000 high school graduates have already gotten scholarships under the 4-year-old program in Syracuse. College tuition will be offered to public and charter school students in Buffalo starting in 2013.

Launched by philanthropist George Weiss in 1987, Say Yes gained national attention in 1991 for offering to pay college tuition for 69 second-graders in Cambridge, Mass. The last of those students graduated with a doctoral degree in pharmacy in 2008.

Other Say Yes programs are still operating in New York, Hartford, Conn., and Philadelphia.

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