S.C. gov. meets with business leaders to discuss education reform

Friday, August 2, 2013

Gov. Nikki Haley met with about a dozen business and legislative leaders Wednesday morning in a private meeting to discuss the governor’s forthcoming education reform proposal.

In an interview after the meeting – which, like every other education meeting Haley has held, has been closed to the public – the governor said she is getting closer on crafting a proposal she hopes to have ready before the state legislature returns to work in January. While Haley said the proposal will be comprehensive, she acknowledged the most difficult hurdle will be overhauling the state’s complex and confusing education funding formulas.

“You’ve got the rural areas and these kids that deserve a good education that aren’t having the resources that they need and you’ve got these wealthy areas that have everything they need and don’t want to compromise the conditions they are at,” Haley said. “And so bringing those two together is a tough conversation to have.”

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