School Bullying in Indiana--It's Not What it Used to Be

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bullying in school is hardly a new problem, but in many cases today, it doesn't look like it once did.

It's gone high-tech, enabling children to target one another through Facebook, Twitter, email, instant messaging and text messaging, in addition to face-to-face.In the process, anti-bullying has become a national movement of sorts, with celebrities such as Lady Gaga joining the cause.

Local schools universally condemn bullying and cite initiatives aimed at changing behaviors. Several of them have brought in speakers on the topic and are working on anti-bullying curriculum.But despite this renewed emphasis, it's still impossible to know how frequently bullying occurs in schools — at least in Indiana.

The Indiana Department of Education requires school districts to have an anti-bullying policy. However, no statistics are kept.

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