School Choice Blooming this Spring

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

School choice is making headlines in multiple states this spring. Several have approved or are considering proposals to expand educational opportunity for families.

Texas is going bold by introducing multiple school choice proposals. Heritage’s Lindsey Burke explains that these include:

Texas State Senator Dan Patrick (R–Houston), chairman of the Senate Education Committee, noted that “several hundred thousand students are stuck in low-performing schools today. This should not be acceptable to anyone.” Patrick says school choice would give opportunities to families to find “the best educational options for their children.”

Also down south, Alabama made a surprise and historic move by passing its first private school choice program earlier this month. Governor Robert Bentley (R) called it “the most significant piece of legislation that’s been passed in this Legislature in years.” Families, individuals, and corporations will be able to receive tax credits for donating to scholarship-granting organizations. Children in failing schools will be able to apply to receive the scholarships, allowing them to attend a private school of choice.

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