School Community Says Computers, Books Fall Short

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Rick Hauf travels to schools all around Maryland. In Harford County, he says educational opportunity is tilted. "We're not on a level playing field," Hauf said.

The Havre de Grace High School teacher and band director—who has four boys who will attend area schools—added: "The Harford County magnet schools are taking some of our brightest and best students and what are we to do? Our future leaders are leaving Havre de Grace High School for greener pastures."

It was a common concern amongst parents and faculty members at Monday's Harford County Board of Education meeting.

"These are schools with multiple computer labs, more than I can count. Teachers with laptops, wifi access, and the latest resources. We have one computer lab and it is not even enough to hold more than 30 computers. We don't have laptops. We don't even have wifi," Hauf said.

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