School District Clinics in Wis. Could Help Trim Health Costs

Lauren Williams's picture
Monday, April 8, 2013

Since the implementation of Act 10 shifted more benefit costs onto public employees, at least one Wisconsin school district has found a remedy to escalating insurance deductibles and co-payments - and another is working on something similar.

By launching an on-site health clinic for employees, the Green Bay Area Public School District has cut costs for itself - as well as for teachers and their dependents covered by district health insurance. And the West Bend School District is on the verge of taking the same step.

The purpose of district-run clinics is to provide quality, efficient health care that is affordable because of the removal of the overhead costs found at doctors' offices.

The Green Bay district's clinic offers an array of services such as lab testing, flu vaccinations and treatment of upper respiratory infections and sprains. It's run by a third-party health care provider.

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