School District Creates Social Media Network

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Officials look to bolster communications with residents using Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of digital communications. The Wayne (N.J.) Public School District has created a social media network to enhance communication and information sharing with the community.

The network includes a Facebook page,YouTube channel, Twitter feed, and a Google+ site.

The network will contain general information and announcements, schedules, photos, and videos.

“The days when your only options in terms of learning more about your local schools was scheduling an appointment to visit them in person or attending a board of education meeting are long past,” Superintendent Raymond Gonzalez said in a statement. “Sure, we want our residents visiting schools and attending board meetings, but now they can also check in from anywhere there’s online access. In a sense, we’re making the world of Wayne Public Schools a bit smaller and more convenient.”

A video of Wayne Hills High School student Eric Martinez interviewing Gonzalez has been posted to the district’s YouTube channel.

Officials are examining creating a blog to serve as the focal point around which the other utilities will function. They said the network will continue to evolve and improve as it “keeps pace with upgrades” in social media and communication utilities.

Because the communications featured on the sites involve students, discussion across the network will be moderated. Officials did not specify how, or to what degree, this will be done.

Gonzalez mentioned the fact that the network was created, and can operate, at no cost to the district.


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