School Districts Awarded ‘Mini-Grants’ to Address Students’ Urgent Needs

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Funded by AASA through a partnership with the National Joint Powers Alliance, the $2,000 grants will be used to furnish items such as food and clothing and in some instances, temporary housing stipends. Seven winners are chosen annually. This year’s recipients include:

  • Auburn-Washburn Unified School District (Topeka, Kan.); 
  • East St. Louis School District (East St. Louis, Ill.); 
  • Franklin Pierce School District (Tacoma, Wash.); 
  • Grenada School District (Grenada, Miss.); 
  • Long Branch Public Schools (Long Branch, N.J.); 
  • Meriden Public Schools (Meriden, Conn.); 
  • Wausau School District (Wausau, Wisc.). 

“Undernourished children or those who do not have access to basic items of clothing are not going to be effective learners in the classroom,” said Chad Coauette, executive director, NJPA. “Our organization is dedicated to providing programs and services that create efficiencies for education in an effort to support our country’s most important resource—our children.”

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