School Improvement Network Surveys 7,000 Educators on Student Success

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

School Improvement Network, the leader in teacher effectiveness resources and training, released the results of the company’s latest national survey titled, “Top 5 things Parents Should Know to Ensure Student Success.”

Over 7,000 K-12 educators responded and revealed an overwhelming consensus of five essentials parents should know to ensure student success, placing particular emphasis on parents’ role in student achievement.

"Engaged parents are critical in a teacher's ability to impact student achievement," said Chet Linton, CEO and president of School Improvement Network. “As the national debate continues around student outcomes and evaluating teacher performance, this survey response from educators can be a call to action for parents to partner with them in their student’s success.”

The survey covered a wide range of topics with the top five responses as follows:

1.  Be involved and aware of your child’s life and education

  • 29.2 percent said parents need to be more engaged in their child’s education, knowing how their student structures their time and what kind of technology their student is using
  • Of those responses, 28 percent said parents need to be aware of the academic standards for their child’s grade, how their child is doing in each subject and hold their child accountable for their academic progress
  • Also within the 29.2 percent, 23 percent said students need more reinforcement and help on homework at home

2. Know your child’s school schedule and help them establish home routines with time for homework, sleep and regular meals

  • 20.3 percent said that a healthy breakfast and good night’s sleep often determines a child’s success during the day

3. Communicate with your child’s teachers

  • 15.8 percent stressed the importance of strong parental support. Educators encourage parents to communicate, support and participate with them to accompany their child’s success throughout the school year

4. Know what is expected of your child at school, and let them know what is expected of them at home

  • 14.3 percent said parents need to know what is expected of their children, from teachers and the school, in everything from dress code and bullying to graduation requirements

5. Know the support and resources available to your child if they are struggling, and the resources your child needs from you to succeed

  • 7.8 percent said parents need to be aware of the resources provided by the school for struggling students, including tutor time before and after school, resources in the library, the Internet, and study groups. Other resources come from home, including access to basic school supplies (pencils, paper, colored pencils, etc.) which are critical to a student’s success

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