Schools fail when it comes to teaching history

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Its authors, Robert Pondiscio, Gilbert Sewall and Sandra Stotsky, believe it not at all alarmist to worry that civic and historical illiteracy now poses “a serious threat to our national survival.”

In so many ways that they document, the education system is stacking the deck against the discipline of history. There is diminished classroom time, for starters, with language arts and math the two subjects that are tested extensively under federal and state mandates.

More substantively, history and civics have become instruments for the advancement of social-activist agendas centered on issues of race, gender and class.

With the rise of so-called “critical pedagogy” as a means for excoriating virtually all aspects of America’s founding, growth and maturation, it is no wonder that almost one-third of Americans now believe the Emancipation Proclamation or the Civil War came before the Declaration of Independence.

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