Schools Have Become Triage Centers for Civilized Conduct, which Should Have Been Taught At Home

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why? It is hard to teach children from homes where marital strife or impending divorce convulses their sense of themselves; where they are physically or emotionally abused; where little parental concern is shown for them, and even less about how they fared while at school; where they can’t talk out their problems with a caring mother or father; where self-discipline and a solid work ethic have never been taught or parentally modeled; and where discussion of values is restricted to shopping.

It is hard to teach children who come from homes that are an emotional wasteland; where learning and the things of the mind aren’t respected or cherished; where parents don’t talk to their children, don’t show interest in their victories or share their defeats; where they don’t open up the world to them by addressing their questions or are too busy to do the old-fashioned things that parents always did in the past — like being parents!

It is hard to teach a fatherless or a motherless child who feels cheated by a parent’s absence or loss; a lonely child uprooted by a parent’s job relocations, who no longer tries to make friends at school; a spoiled child bribed by parental guilt-offerings for time and affection rarely bestowed; a defeated child who has abandoned all hope; an alienated child who feeds on rejection and loneliness; or an angry child who lashes out to prove he exists and will make the world pay for his pain.

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