Schools on Military Bases Outdoing Public Schools

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Once again, schools on the nation's military bases have outperformed public schools on both reading and math tests for fourth- and eighth-graders.

At the military base schools, 39 percent of fourth-graders were scored as proficient in reading, compared with 32 percent of all public school students.

Even more impressive, the achievement gap between black and white students continues to be much smaller at military base schools and is shrinking faster than at public schools.

Results are now public from the 2011 federal testing program known as NAEP, the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

On the NAEP reading test, black fourth-graders in public schools scored an average of 205 out of 500, compared with a 231 score for white public school students, a 26-point gap. Black fourth-graders at the military base schools averaged 222 in reading, compared with 233 for whites, an 11-point gap.

In fact, the black fourth-graders at the military base schools scored better in reading than public school students as a whole, whose average score was 221.

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