Schools should not push the costs of tests onto parents' wallets

Thursday, May 1, 2014

It is one of those ways that the free public schools are steadily becoming, well, less free.

It is the ever-lengthening list of school supplies and fees being pushed onto parents. These days, just about every kid in every grade in every school has a list for the start of school. Some of the things have made sense for years. Everyone need to have their pencils and a ruler. In recent years, boxes of tissues have made it onto the list. Such boxes are piled up. Look at it this way, if your kid has allergies and a steady stream of sneezes, you are the beneficiary of someone else's tissues.

These costs pile up. In 2013, one story estimated that parents fork over $161.27 for a child in elementary school, $198 for someone in middle school or junior high and $893 for a high schooler. Note that this is the supply cost, not the requirement for new clothes and shoes.

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