Scottsdale (Ariz.) School District Hears Pleas for Programs

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Scottsdale Unified School District is no different than any other in the state when it comes to budget problems.

SUSD faces a $9.7 million budget deficit, and teachers and parents are quick to tell the school board to cut anywhere but in the classroom.

In a meeting that lasted almost four hours Wednesday, parents, teachers and students jammed the district offices at 44th Street and Indian School Road in Phoenix to persuade the district to spare  classrooms from the budget paring knife.

"The classroom dollars have been droppin,g and it has been dropping consistently," said parent Mike Norton."We used to spend 63 percent of the budget in the classroom. Last year we spent 58 percent of the budget in the classroom, and this year we are talking about spending 55 percent or less of the budget in the classroom."

The proposed cuts would be to special courses, such as music, physical education and the arts. Teachers would also take a 1 percent cut in their salaries.

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