Scottsdale (Ariz.) Unified School District to Resume Selling Ads on Buses

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Scottsdale Unified School District will resume advertising on its school buses but will sell the ads itself and keep all the revenue, which could top $85,000 a month.

The district used to have ads on its school buses, arranged through an outside agency, Media-Aim, but let the contract lapse when it expired this year. In seven years, the bus ads made about $207,000 in total revenue for Scottsdale schools.

In September, the governing board approved a plan to sell the ads again with the district's marketing department, led by Carla Partridge, handling the business.

Partridge laid out her marketing plan to the governing board last week, and told board members that under the best-case scenario - selling full-sized ads on both sides of all 112 buses - the district could make $85,120 a month. Potentially, that could add up to $851,200 for the 10-month school year.

"We're no longer losing that 30 percent that the vendor was taking for profit," she said.

Partridge said she set the rates based on what Media-Aim was charging and what other school districts charge for their bus ads.

The ads will be about 10 feet long and stripped on the sides of the buses below the doors. Ad heights and the accompanying rates will vary.

The district will start marketing the ad sales through fliers, social media and on the district and individual schools' websites.

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