Seattle Voters Consider $1.25B Schools Levies

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The three-year operations levy is expected to sail through. Proposition 1 provides more than a quarter of the district’s operating budget, from textbooks to teachers to transportation.

But there’s organized opposition to Proposition 2, the capital levy. That six-year tax would fund renovations, expansions and maintenance throughout the district, as well as eight new school buildings.

Supporters like Schools First President Greg Wong say that’s critical for a district that needs more seats. “We have kind of a unique story in America right now, which is our urban district is growing. And it’s growing quickly," Wong told Steve Scher on KUOW's Weekday. "This year alone we added about 1,400 new students on top of the enrollment from last year. That’s the equivalent of about three elementary schools worth of kids.”

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