Seclusion rooms used 23,000 times in Connecticut schools

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

“[They] used to lock me up in that room all the time and I used to jump on there,” recalled nine-year-old Robert Eldred.

Robert’s experience with seclusion, or “scream,” rooms started when he was a kindergartner. His parents said Robert was forced into the rooms nearly every day.

Seclusion rooms come in many shapes and sizes. Some have windows or padding. Typically, children are placed in the rooms alone and are not allowed to leave until an adult allows them to do so. Often, the rooms are small in size.

"They'll shut the door on him and he'll go and hit his head on the wall sometimes, he'll kick the walls, he'll come home with bloody toes because he'll take off his shoes and kick the wall,” described Robert’s father, Michael Sexton.

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