Security projects for Montana's SD2 elementary schools nearing completion

Monday, January 27, 2014

Billings elementary schools are close to getting their layer of electronic protection.

Crews are working this winter to finish installing video cameras and electronic code locks at the front entrances of School District 2 elementary schools.

The system at Washington Elementary School is already in place. "I love it," said Julie Wilkinson, the school secretary.

Wilkinson has a small touch-screen monitor on her desk that allows her to see and talk to visitors who approach the school's main entrance. It also allows her to buzz people in. "It's just one more way to be proactive," said Principal Karen Ziegler. "And not reactive."

In all, 26 SD2 elementary and middle schools will be getting the new systems.Once installed, staff members will type in a key code or use an electronic badge to get into the building. School visitors will be buzzed in by a secretary rather than just being able to walk in. Other entrances will be kept locked from the outside.

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