Sheboygan Wis. Schools Scrambling to Keep up With Open Enrollment Deadline Extension

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When Wisconsin extended the deadline for public school open enrollment, it was an effort to make it easier for parents to make the best choice for their kids' education.

The result at area school districts, however, is a delay in finding out how many students will be attending school, which in turn makes it harder to make staffing decisions.

The Department of Public Instruction announced in late January the window for applying for open enrollment — which allows parents to send their children to districts other than where they live — was being extended from three weeks to three months.

That means parents have until April 30 to apply to send their children to out-of-district schools. The problem, according to some local school officials, is school districts have to make their staffing decisions right around that same time.

Mark Holzman, assistant superintendent of student and instructional services at the Sheboygan Area School District, said the expanded open enrollment period makes planning for next year a little more difficult.

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