Shoparoo App Helps Raise Money for Schools

Lauren Williams's picture
Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Children going door to door for fundraising programs - and parents having to respond to those hopeful young faces - may soon be off the hook thanks to a new app that converts grocery receipts into fundraising dollars.

Shoparoo, available for iOS and Android, lets people raise funds for community schools by taking snapshots of their grocery receipts - whether they're from large retail chains like Walmart, Safeway or CVS, or a local mom and pop shop.

"Schools just have a bigger and bigger fundraising gap and every solution that comes to solve it just takes more time and money for parents," said Jared Schrieber, chief executive of San-Francisco-based company Infoscout, which created the app.

Shoparoo aims to solve this problem by tapping into people's purchasing habits in exchange for providing anonymous consumer insight into products and brands, whose makers then donate funds.

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