Should Vote On Winchester (Va.) Public Schools Education Tech Plan Wait?

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Monday, November 14, 2011

With six incumbents on their way out, the lame duck Winchester (Va.) School Board has a lot to get done between now and Christmas. They're wrapping up a two-year review of all of the School Board policies, they are expected to adopt new attendance boundaries for the future Frederick Douglass Elementary School, and as early as this Tuesday, they will vote to give school system staff direction on a five-year technology plan.

It's the vote of the technology plan that has some debating whether it should be a decision for the next School Board to make. The proposed 2010-2015 Educational Technology Plan would provide digital devices, such as a tablet, to every student, from fourth grade through high school.

Comments from current board members suggest most are leaning toward approving the plan, or at least a modified version of it, while most of the board members-elect expressed hesitation about--even all out opposition to--the plan, saying it's too much too soon with too many unanswered questions.

Tom Reed (At Large), who was reelected to a fourth term, said Thursday he wants to talk with his fellow board members about possibly putting the vote off, depending on how exactly how the motion is worded.

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