Sibme launches new iPhone/iPad app connecting teachers with peers and coaches

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The app is available free of charge through the iTunes store for Sibme users. The iPhone/iPad app is the latest component of Sibme’s easy-to-use coaching and collaboration software. Launched by educators, Sibme is designed to make it easy for teachers to have a conversation about classroom instruction using video.

“When we started as teachers, we learned that when it comes to improving as an educator, there is nothing more powerful than collaborating with peers and instructional leaders you trust and respect,” CEO and co-founder Dave Wakefield said. “For all of the flavor-of-the-month trends educators have seen, effective coaching can make a significant difference when it comes to improving teacher efficacy. Our goal is to make it more efficient and accessible.”

Sibme’s iPhone app allows teachers to use their mobile device to record their lesson. When used with the new Swivl robot cameraman, the camera follows the teacher through the classroom and provides superior audio quality.

The iPhone app allows the user to quickly and easily record and upload the video to their private Sibme account, where it can be shared with fellow teachers and instructional coaches and leaders in a private and secure area. Sibme allows the invited users to provide time-stamped comments in a free-flowing environment, giving teachers a valuable opportunity to improve their classroom performance.

“When we started Sibme, one area where we were not willing to compromise was providing a simple, intuitive interface,” co-founder Dan Smith said. “The iPhone/iPad app gives users a completely seamless experience. We want people to spend less time learning software and more time coaching and collaborating.”

Sibme customizes its accounts, offering packages ranging from 5-gigabyte accounts for small groups of teachers, coaches and schools to unlimited user and storage accounts for large institutions and districts. Full customer support is included.

“In my experience, most teachers are dedicated professionals who want to improve because they care about their kids,” Dave Wakefield said. “But it’s tough for most educators to receive coaching and worthwhile professional development with the time and budget constraints schools face today. We started Sibme because we wanted to change that.”

Sibme offers free trial subscriptions for departments, schools, districts and education-related organizations and institutions. For more information, go to