Some Indiana schools cut hours of part-time workers to avoid federal health care requirements

Monday, June 10, 2013

“We cannot go out and raise the price of our product to assist us covering this. We would have to go to the taxpayers and ask for some type of increase, and I just don’t see that happening,” said Les Huddle, superintendent of the Lafayette School Corp., where approximately 600 non-certified employees in more than 150 schools have had their hours reduced to meet the federal definition of part-time.

The Shelbyville Central School System likewise is cutting back the hours of about 100 of its instructional aides as well as some substitute teachers, bus drivers and coaches.

“When they were writing this law, did they really think about the seventh- and eighth-grade basketball coach or the substitute teacher or the part-time instructional aide?” asked superintendent David Adams. “I’m not sure that that’s what this law was written for. Schools have some special situations that you don’t maybe get in the business world.”

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