Some North Carolina high schools delaying report cards or individual grades

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Some North Carolina high schools students will see grades listed as “incomplete” or won’t get their report cards at all this week as a result of delays in getting state test results.

The state Department of Public Instruction hasn’t finished translating into suggested letter grades the scores of more than 25 state Final Exams taken by high school students during the past month. These tests aren’t based on a 100-point scale, and that’s causing problems for those school districts that are using the state’s new recommendations on how test scores translate into grades, instead of the systems’ determining their own grades.

“Once our district receives these scores from the state, we will finalize grades and distribute report cards to parents and guardians in as timely a manner as possible,” Orange County Superintendent Gerri Martin said in a letter to parents explaining the delay.

In addition to Orange, Durham is delaying release of high school report cards. The Chatham County school board has scheduled an emergency meeting for Tuesday to discuss delaying release of that district’s high school report cards.

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