Some Parents Are Very Concerned About Their Children's Overload School Buses

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Friday, September 14, 2012

In Palm Beach County parents are complaining there are not enough school bus drivers and that means more kids are being crammed into fewer buses. 

CBS12 has been getting calls about this since the school year started.

CBS12 reporter Craig Gold spoke with some concerned parents and tells us how the Palm Beach County school district is addressing it. Candra Mosley's two kids go to Carver Middle school in Delray Beach, she says "My daughter doesn’t want to ride the bus because it's overcrowded. She has no seat. She has to sit her cousin on top of her lap." A problem, Mosely says has existed since day 1 of this school year.

In order for her daughter to even get a seat, she drives her to the 1st bus stop on the route. And Mosley is not the only one complaining. Others, including Gene Cornelius tell us their kids are dangerously cramped.

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