Spellex announces the release of Spellex DictationTM

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Spellex Corporation announces the release of Spellex Dictation, a powerful dictionary enhancement for Dragon NaturallySpeaking TM and other popular speech recognition software! Spellex Dictation allows users to easily dictate and correctly spell healthcare, legal, and BioScientific and engineering words and phrases. Spellex is the exclusive provider of specialty dictation vocabularies for the Mac.


  • Allows users to update standard English speech vocabularies with comprehensive medical, legal and/or bioscience vocabulary dictionaries
  • Increases user accuracy while saving time and enhancing efficiency
  • Effective for both the student and the seasoned, experienced professional
  • Allows users to more easily create professional looking documents
  • Allows users to verify both the common English language and specialty terms simultaneously
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac speech recognition programs

Available in three editions:

Spellex Dictation: Medical
An affordable medical enhancement for your speech recognition software. Including more than 70 medical specialties to correctly dictate medical and pharmaceutical words with far greater speed and accuracy than previously!

Spellex Dictation: Legal
A reasonably-priced legal terminology add-on to enhance your favorite dictation software. Accurately dictate thousands of legal terms from 35 legal specialties varying from Administrative law to Wills and more!

Spellex Dictation: BioScientific
A powerful bioscience enhancement for your speech recognition software. Quickly and accurately dictate thousands of bioscientific words covering more than 50 different bioscience, physical science, engineering, and technology fields!

To request product information, contact Spellex Corporation at 800-442-9673 or 813-792-7000. You can also visit http://www.spellex.com/products/speech-recognition-products.htm.