Spellex releases new type font for those with dyslexia

Monday, August 25, 2014

Spellex Corporation, a leading global provider of assistive technology software for people with Dyslexia, today announced the DysLex font for dyslexia which is the newest addition to their line of speech recognition and spell checking software for the learning disabled. Dyslexia is the most common learning disorder affecting over 20% of the population. As the demand for Spellex products grew, so did the need to identify other assistive technologies that would better support the needs of its customer base.

With the aid of independent research and development, Spellex developed a new font style where every letter in the DysLex character set is graphically designed with attributes that eliminate or greatly reduce the difficulty in character interpretation. DysLex maintains a close similarity of style to commonly used fonts to smoothen the transition from standard fonts or balloon-style dyslexic fonts to the DysLex font.

How DysLex works:

Scientific research has shown by modifying certain character attributes, people with dyslexia are better able to interpret text and improve their readability, speed, and comprehension. Some of the font attributes include:

  • Bottom-Weighted Characters… Prevents characters from being inverted, reversed, flipped, disorder, and jumbled.
  • Increased Character Spacing… Improves readability of words by making characters more easily distinguishable.
  • Increased Character Size… Heightens distinguishing font attributes, readability, and comprehension.
  • Visual Familiarity… Maintains similarity to commonly used fonts making font transition more comfortable
  • Character Clarity… Individual characters graphically designed to rigid specifications ensuring highest typeface clarity.
  • Kerning… Adjusted spacing between character pairs for improved visual appeal and readability.
  • Character Uniqueness… Each character contains unique attributes to better distinguish from similar characters.
  • Punctuation Boldness… Easily differentiates character break points without seeing them as conjoined.
  • Ascenders and Descenders… Extends portions of letters located above or below the font’s mean line to increase recognisability.

To request product information or a free trial go to www.help-dyslexia.com. For more information contact Spellex Corporation at custsvce@spellex.com or call 800-442-9673 or 813-792-7000.