St. Landry School Board (La.) Selects Superintendent After Months of Deadlock

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Monday, May 6, 2013

The St. Landry School Board voted Thursday to select Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance Edward Brown as the system’s permanent superintendent.

In a surprising move, board member Quincy Richard, who is under federal indictment for alleged vote-selling and whose eligibility to serve on the board is in question, cast the deciding vote to select Brown.

Earlier, Huey Wyble made a motion to outright select Brown over interim Superintendent Joseph Cassimere as the system’s leader, which Roger Young seconded. Anthony Standberry offered a substitute motion to select Cassimere instead and Charles Ross seconded. Only Josie Frank and Randy Wagley favored the substitute, however, and the board reverted back to Wyble’s original motion.

Joining Wyble and Young in Brown’s support were Kyle Boss, Harry Fruge, Candace Gerace, Donnie Perron and, most notably, Richard

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