State Board Gives Provisional Accreditation for St. Louis Public Schools

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Missouri State Board of Education has voted to restore provisional accreditation for St. Louis Public Schools.

Education Commissioner Chris Nicastro made the recommendation to upgrade the district from unaccredited to provisional accreditation in Jefferson City this morning. The vote was unanimous.

"The district has not arrived, but clearly, they've started the journey," Nicastro said.

Though no one is saying the city schools have reached their end goal, the decision could validate five years of transformation for the struggling district. Critics will agree this is not the same district it was in 2007, the year the state stripped St. Louis schools of accreditation, revoked the governing authority of the elected board and turned control over to a special administrative board. That district was facing chaos in leadership, declining enrollment, a budget deficit, academic failure and a revolving door of superintendents.

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