State mulls big staffing changes at 2 failing Boston schools

Monday, January 27, 2014

Principals, teachers, and other staff members at two Boston schools slated for state takeovers have been put on notice: They will likely be asked to reapply for their jobs in the coming months, a move that could lead to a mass exodus from Dever and Holland elementary schools.

The action would affect 96 teachers, administrators, and other staff members at Holland and 83 at Dever, both in Dorchester. The issue is particularly sensitive at Dever, where more than half the teaching staff was replaced four years ago in hopes of boosting student achievement.

“We are definitely concerned about this,” said Barbara Donnelly, a Dever parent. “For a lot of our students, one of the only stable things they have is their relationship with their teachers. Four years ago, when students came back to school [in the fall] they were confused and it was hard for them, and it took a year for teachers to build up their trust.”

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