States mull dropping Common Core

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Monday, April 7, 2014

More than a dozen states are considering legislation to repeal their involvement in the Common Core State standards, responding to a surge of discontent from an unlikely coalition of conservatives, parents, unions, and teachers.

Indiana became the first state to repeal the testing standards, which were designed during President Obama’s first term to set high and consistent standards for students across the country. The state has chosen to replace the standards with its own set of tests after conservatives complained the Common Core exerted too much federal influence. Critics–like Utah’s governor, a Common Core supporter– say the repeal is just a political gesture and that Indiana’s standards are the same.

“In essence, they’re saying they’re creating what’s called the Indiana Core. It’s not the Common Core … but their standards are almost mirroring exactly what is commonly referred to as the Common Core standards,” Utah’s Republican Gov. Gary Herbert said.

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