Statewide poll links Pa. public education, economic development

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

At a time when the state's economy is struggling to pick up steam, Pennsylvanians see strong connections between public education, state funding and economic development, according to a recent statewide public opinion poll.

"While our state's year-over-year job growth sits among the weakest states and the state's contribution to public education funding is below the national average, Pennsylvanians are making connections that state officials have so far missed," said Jim Buckheit, executive director of the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators (PASA). "Strong public schools are critical to a strong economy and the investments our state makes should strengthen every community."

Terry Madonna Opinion Research's Spring 2014 Omnibus Survey shows large majorities of registered voters believe public schools have an effect on the economy, the state's investment in public schools should be larger and a school funding formula should be used to ensure fair distribution of state funds to schools in all communities.

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