Strengthening the link between technology and education

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Silicon Valley is widely regarded as the birthplace and nursery of digital innovation. Technology continuously arising from the Valley is substantial, and these leaps forward have fundamentally changed the way that our world functions and thinks. In the technology sphere, problems constantly arise and innovative solutions are continually being implemented to meet new demands.

There is a compelling argument that this model should be expanded to include education policy, where there exists a strong need to foster innovation, not limit it.

Within the context of increasing innovation, it is important to recognize that we currently face an equity crisis in education. Our system had done very little to address the opportunity gap that exists in our schools. Students of different races, income levels, backgrounds, and genders face inequities in their educational experiences. Quality of education should not depend on the ZIP code where you reside, and our education system is only as good as our poorest schools.

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