Student Assessments for 21st-Century Needs

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A new assessment system for high school students providing multiple measures of college and career readiness launched this fall, helping students in career-themed public high schools understand what skills they need to enter the 21st-century workforce. The National Academy Foundation (NAF), the largest developer of career-themed public high schools in the country, partnered with education research agency WestEd to create the multi-method test, marking a move toward more effectively measuring college and career readiness.

While typical school career assessments involve a single multiple-choice item test, the NAF assessment provides a more holistic view of student achievement, according to Colleen Devery, NAF assistant vice president of strategic initiatives. “Compared to some of the older tests that measure what a student knows, this is an assessment that shows what the student can do,” she adds.