Students are losing sleep to texting

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

We all know that teens are on a different time schedule than most of us. They go to sleep late and wake up late. It’s the science of their internal clocks that has rescheduled many high school openings and class times. They learn better when they’re not sleeping in class. Looks like 75% of teens, 12-17-year olds, text. Furthermore, a larger number, 97% of 18-29 use cell phones to text, according to Pew Research findings (2011).

Add to that the recent findings (2013) by Karla Klein Murdock, Ph.D., in her research with technology use of adolescent and health effect at Washington and Lee University. Her study shares that freshman students surveyed felt obligated to immediately answer texts received, even at the expense of losing sleep.

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