Students of the digital age face complex learning challenges

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

No doubt, many of today's students want to succeed in learning now, so they can succeed in the workplace tomorrow. However, as outlined in an upcoming FREE Microsoft Partners in Learning Webinar, "Understanding the Learning Strategies of the 21st Century Learner," that's become a seriously tall, near impossible order. Why? Because our students are battling "information overload," an increasingly impactful cultural dynamic that's requiring very specific skills to tackle the ever-evolving digital learning environment. Since many students don't have those skills, they're essentially facing these challenges unequipped to win.

"Learning in the digital age is no longer about accessing information; it's about disqualifying information," says Susan Kruger, M.Ed., founder of SOAR Study Skills and one of three education experts who will be featured in the one-hour webinar on October 23 at 10 a.m. (EDT) and 8 p.m. (EDT). "We must teach students how to cut through the 'noise and clutter' and then identify and grab hold of what's truly relevant. Developing this 'filter' for relevance is the only way to improve students' achievement.

The webinar will highlight five strategies learners need to succeed in school and the workplace, as well as these key topics:

  • How to remove the roadblocks to learning
  • Three steps to understanding everything you read
  • Best study skills for 21st century learners
  • Technology strategies that enhance learning

Kruger, who is also a certified teacher, reading specialist, and the best-selling author of "SOAR Study Skills: A Simple and Efficient System for Earning Better Grades in Less Time," will share a number of proven, research-based tips, such as:

  • Visual Networking for Textbook Reading: Remember "reading" pictures in kindergarten? This twist on using visuals makes reading textbooks a piece of cake.
  • Question-Connection Note-Taking: No more rehearsing and memorizing. Learn how to take notes you'll instantly remember with questions and connections.
  • Proactive Planning: Students must learn how to control electronics -- or electronics will forever control them. Discover three simple steps to help students become proactive planners.

Co-presenting with Kruger are Pat Wyman, college professor and CEO/founder of, and author of "Amazing Grades: 101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades Faster" and "Spelling Made Easy," and Bonnie Terry, a board-certified educational therapist, founder of, and author of "School Success Strategies for ADHD Kids" among other titles. Together, the webinar instructors will address the digital learning environment and empowering students to excel within it.

Kruger adds, "Everything that we've put into this webinar is designed specifically for any parent or teacher, but particularly those who are concerned about raising today's youth to compete successfully in tomorrow's global marketplace."

The webinar will also feature three "Amazing Grades" giveaways. To register, visit:

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SOAR Study Skills ( is the brainchild of Susan Kruger, M.Ed., who is a certified learning specialist and former struggling student. Growing up with learning disabilities, Susan was shocked when she simplified a few study skills in college -- and graduated with a 3.9 GPA. Since then, she has taught thousands of students how to achieve the same sense of accomplishment and confidence with study skills. Susan is the author of the international bestselling study skills book SOAR Study Skills. Her curriculum materials are used by over 1,700 schools nationwide and in 14 countries.