Students Leave 182 Indiana Districts Under Voucher Program

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Students from 182 of Indiana’s public school districts have moved to private schools under the state’s new education voucher program, although only seven districts lost more than 100 kids.

In all, 3,919 students from low- to moderate-income families qualified for an Indiana Choice Scholarship this fall. Of those, 86 percent were moving from a public school to a private one.

The rest – 537 students – were previously attending private school s using funds donated under a state tax credit program. Those students were transferred to the voucher program.

“Hoosier parents are more empowered than ever before in our state,” said Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett who pushed for the voucher program. “Demographics do not determine a child’s ability to grow academically and should not determine the educational opportunities offered to any student,” he said. “When you connect a child’s name and face to the Choice Scholarship program, it is easy to see the transformational results of increased educational opportunities.”

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